Printing Using NiceLabel Print

To print a label using the NiceLabel Print, complete the following steps.

  1. Use the Manage Locations dialog to select the location that stores the documents to be printed or run. See the section Managing Label Locations for more details. All documents become visible and instantly printable in the document display area.


    Skip this step in case of repeated printing from the same folder.

  2. Select a document. Document type determines the actions that follow:

    • In case of a label file, click Print to open the printing form.

      • When opening a label file, printing form appears. It allows the user to preview the label, select the printer, define quantity settings, and enter prompted variable values (if included on the label).

      • To return to the label display field, click back arrow in the upper left corner of the NiceLabel Print window.

    • In case of a solution, click Run to open the solution in a separate instance.


All supported document types in the document display area are presented with previews for easier recognition and selection.