Changing Dithering Options


This option is applicable only if a NiceLabel printer driver is used for label printing.

Dithering is a process of converting color or gray scale pictures to black and white pictures that can be printed on thermal printers. Thermal printers normally cannot print color images and can either print a dot on the label or leave the area blank. There are no intermediate shades of gray.

During the dithering process, all colors and shades of gray in the picture are converted to black and white dots, creating an illusion of new colors and shades by varying the pattern of dots. Different shades of gray are produced by varying the patterns of black and white dots. There are no gray dots at all. In printing, dithering is usually called half-toning, and shades of gray are called halftones.

To change the dithering settings, do the following:

  1. Open label properties dialog.

  2. Click Printer properties button on Printer tab. The dialog window with printer driver settings opens.

  3. Open Graphic Options tab and use Photo slider to select the preferred dithering type.



    These settings depend on the selected printer.

  4. Change the dithering type option to suit your needs. Look at the preview on the right side how you can expect the selected type to be applied on the label.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Save the label.