Print Pane (Default Printing Form)

File (background) tab opens the default printing form. In Desktop Designer, it serves as the primary print dialog.


Print button starts the printing procedure. It sends the print job to the selected printer.

Printer group of settings includes:

  • Print button: starts the print label action.

  • Printer selection combo box: lists the installed printers.

  • Printer settings combo boxes: define printing speed and darkness. The selectable values are provided by the selected printer driver.

    • Speed: speed of printing. Available options are defined by the active printer driver.

    • Darkness: sets the intensity of printing. Available options are defined by the active printer driver.

  • Print to file checkbox: redirects the printing to a file.

  • Printer Settings button: opens properties printer driver dialog for the currently selected printer.

Quantity group of settings includes:

  • Print quantity object: defines the number of labels to be printed.

    • Number of labels: number of printed labels.

    • Number of pages: number of printed pages with labels.


      Number of pages option becomes active if more than 1 label per page is set under label properties > label dimensions.

    • Print all labels (unlimited): prints all labels as defined by the label design. More details about this option are available here.

more... link opens the Additional Quantity Settings window.

  • Number of labels skipped on first page: defines how many labels should be left unprinted on the first page.

    Example 19. Example

    A single page includes five labels. Number of labels skipped on first page is set to three. Two labels are printed on the first page.


  • Identical copies per label: number of identical label copies to be printed.

    Example 20. Example

    A single page includes five labels. Identical copies per label is set to three. There are three copies of each label printed.


  • Number of label sets: defines the number of print jobs to be sent to the printer.

    Example 21. Example

    A set of printed labels contains three labels: A, B and C.

    Number of labels:

    Identical copies per label: 2.

    Number of label sets: 3.

    Print result: [A, A; B, B; C, C] [A, A; B, B; C, C] [A, A; B, B; C, C]

Load... allows you to locate and load the predefined variable values for your printed labels. You can include these predefined values in dedicated files with ".defaults" or ".values" extensions and store them on your computer or an accessible network location.

The two supported formats for ".defaults" or ".values" are:

  • XML:

         <variable name="var1">variable1</variable>
         <variable name="var2">variable2</variable>
  • name-value:


Data Initialization Variable keyboard input field (data entry table) allows inserting prompted variable values at print time.

Print preview field displays the current label design and content.