Make sure your work is always saved during the label design process. To save a label, do the following:

  1. Go to File tab (background).

  2. Click Save As.

  3. Click Browse to select the location at which the label file should be stored.

  4. After the Save dialog opens, enter the label name. Label name becomes visible in the application title bar.

Label Files vs. Solution Files

When working with Designer Express and NiceLabel Designer Pro product levels, the label is saved in .nlbl format. A single .nlbl file includes a single label or a batch of labels (available in NiceLabel Designer Pro).

When working with PowerForms, the label or form is saved as a .nsln solution file. Such files may include multiple labels (single documents or batches) and/or forms.

Label Storage

You can define the folders where files for labels, graphics, stocks, and databases are stored. Default locations are set in File > Options > Folders. The exact location on the hard disk varies depending on your Windows operating system, since not every version of Windows uses the same absolute paths.

Desktop Designer uses the selected folders as the default location to search for the files and to store them.

Any other folder is permitted to be used as a label storage folder. Click Browse to select one.