In Designer, your Objects panel lists every object on your design surface, making it simple to find and select exactly the objects you want on your label templates or forms. You can search and organize your objects within layers, both separately or in groups. Each layer shows your objects and object groups in a tree structure.

You can find your Objects panel on the bottom left, next to your Solution, Data, and Layers panels.


Searching and locating your objects with Objects panel.

Use your Objects panel to:

  • Search for objects by name or by connected data sources.

  • Display action indicator icons after object names when your objects have actions assigned.

  • Rename objects (when you press F2 on your keyboard).


When searching, press Enter on your keyboard, Object panel automatically selects the first object within your search parameters.

You can move up and down between objects with your keyboard arrows.

Additional options in your object's context menu (right-click on objects or object names) include:

  • Copying, cutting, and deleting your objects or object groups.

  • Locking or unlocking your objects or object groups.

  • Arranging and aligning your objects or object groups.

  • Moving your objects and object groups between layers.


In Objects panel you can't multi-select your objects and move them with drag.

When you design complex labels, your Objects panel helps you locate, organize, and update your label objects.