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Who Should Use This Guide?

This guide is intended for software developers who want to programmatically integrate printing of NiceLabel label templates into their own application. While such approach allows seamless integration into third party applications, it requires understanding of .NET Framework technologies and object oriented programming techniques. You will also need experience with C# programming language and Visual Studio to understand and use the sample applications. For easier non-programmable printing integration, consider using NiceLabel Automation integration module instead.


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This guide is organized into the following sections:

  • What is NiceLabel .NET API? Presents an overview of the NiceLabel .NET API.

  • Deploying and licensing. Describes the installation and licensing process to ensure all resources are available for integration.

  • Using NiceLabel .NET API. Best practices and suggestions for working with the NiceLabel Print Engine.

  • Control Center Integration. Instructions on how to integrate with Control Center management module for document management and print history logging.

  • Technical Support. Where to go for additional assistance.


What is NiceLabel .NET API

Introduction to NiceLabel .NET API

NiceLabel .NET API is .NET Framework based library that enables software developers to seamlessly print NiceLabel label templates and interact with NiceLabel management module.

NiceLabel Print Engine is a rendering engine that is packaged as part of the NiceLabel .NET API. It can be the basis for a variety of products for previewing and printing NiceLabel label templates at different stages of the professional print workflow. NiceLabel Print Engine is designed to deliver reliable high-speed printing of labels and documents.

NiceLabel .NET API is built on Microsoft .NET Framework and is the preferred choice for developers of .NET applications. It enables users to quickly add full-featured professional label printing capability to their own applications.

NiceLabel Print Engine was designed from ground up with modern multi-core processors in mind. It comes with multi-threading support out of the box to easily deliver the best possible performance on any hardware.


NiceLabel .NET API Components

NiceLabel .NET API Libraries are installed along with the NiceLabel product that you install on each printing client.

You have to install the NiceLabel .NET API Libraries on each printing client. For more information see Deploying and Licensing.

The NiceLabel .NET API includes:

  • NiceLabel .NET API Libraries. A set of managed .NET assemblies that your application will refer to. These assemblies include NiceLabel Print Engine that will be used to interface with label templates and manage print jobs.

  • NiceLabel .NET APIInstallation and Deployment Guide. This document.

  • NiceLabel .NET API Programming Reference. Contains information about the entire NiceLabel.SDK namespace. See the file SDK Reference.chm.

  • NiceLabel Printer Drivers. NiceLabel has developed printer drivers for more than 4000 different printer models. We recommend using our native printer drivers so you can benefit from the optimized print streams. For a complete list of downloadable drivers, please visit

  • NiceLabel .NET API samples. A set of sample applications that will help you get started and demonstrate capabilities of the API. Each Visual Studio project demonstrates how to utilize a specific feature of the NiceLabel .NET API. Please refer to the ReadMe.txt file included with each project as well as the inline code comments for specific details.