Some thermal printers support multicolor printing. They use multiple heads, each head for a ribbon of a different color. The colors for each printer head are customizable and can be defined in the printer driver. Each printhead is assigned a color that matches the used ribbon. The same colors become available in the labeling software. For multicolor printing to work, you need to use the appropriate Loftware printer driver.

The color palette synchronizes the available colors with settings in the printer driver. All colors you have defined in the printer driver are retrieved in the labeling software and made available for color selection. The color palette, color selection dialog box, and label properties dialog box all display only the available colors from the printer. Each label object can then easily be assigned some of the available colors. The object is then printed using that same color. More than one color cannot be used with a single label object.

When you use color images on the label, their appearance on the label changes. They cannot be printed in more colors than supported by the printer. The images are not displayed in full color. Each image is converted to monochrome graphics and previewed on the label as such. Conversion from color to monochrome graphics is done using a dithering setting in the driver. You can assign the image one color and thus the printhead where the image will be printed.

The colors on the label identify which printer head will be used for printing the objects.