NiceLabel Print is a stand-alone application for fast and easy printing. It eliminates the need for opening labels and solution documents in Desktop Designer.

NiceLabel Print window consists of:

  • File location selector: dropdown list lets you select and manage the locations that store labels or solutions.


    See section below for more details on files and locations.

  • Search: finds the requested document.

  • Location folder structure: displays the folders that are selected in the File location selector.

  • Document display area: presents the documents which are stored in the selected folder.

Managing Document Locations

When using the NiceLabel Print for the first time, a blank NiceLabel Print window appears. Click Manage Locations in the File location selector. Manage Locations dialog opens.

Use Manage Locations dialog to browse for document locations on your system or network.

  • Add: button for adding the label files:

    • Folder Location: browses for files on your system or network.

  • Move up and Move down: change the order of selected label locations.

  • Delete: removes the location from NiceLabel Print.

Opening the Documents

After defining the local or remote location that stores the documents, start with printing. Follow the steps in this section to successfully print the labels.