NiceLabel Desktop Designer solution acts as a container which includes multiple documents – labels, forms and shared data sources. A single solution enables dealing with any number of labels, forms and shared variable data sources.

How do labels and forms cooperate in a solution? A label alone can be designed and printed. Multiplied manual printing of a single label file is time consuming and difficult if the content needs to be constantly updated. Therefore, NiceLabel introduced the ability to create forms which are combined with labels in a solution.

As a part of a solution, label document(s) specify the layout of printed labels. Forms make sure the content of printed labels is easily defined, edited, and updated. Forms also offer the user the control over a wide range of data- and print-related actions.

The advantages of keeping multiple labels and forms in a single file are:

  • Simplified management print outputs.

  • Simpler and time efficient label designing and printing.

  • Simplified use of shared variable data sources.