Changing Common Printer Settings

When designing a label, you also define which printer should be used for printing it. Each label file stores its own printer settings for the selected printer driver.

Changes made in the printer settings dialog box are saved to the label and will be used in future print actions.


Ensure that Use custom printer settings saved in the label option are enabled in Label properties > Printer. If not, default printer settings are going to be used.

Complete the following steps to change and save common printer settings for a label:

  1. Open the label properties dialog.

  2. Click Printer properties button on Printer tab. The dialog window with printer driver settings opens.

  3. Open the Printer Options tab.

  4. Adjust the Speed and Darkness settings.



    These settings depend on the selected printer.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Save the label.


Any changes in the printer settings dialog box will be saved to the label and applied to future print actions.

Changes in label printing speed and darkness can also be done at print time. These settings are only valid while the file remains open. After reopening the file, the settings are reset to those defined in Printer properties dialog.

Complete the following steps:

  1. Open Print dialog.

  2. Click Print.

  3. Adjust Speed and Darkness values under Printer group.

  4. Save the label.


Changes to the settings in the Printer tab will not be saved in the label but used only at print time.