This section describes how to print the content of database records individually or in groups.

After completing the database wizard, by default, all database records are printed. Each record is printed once per label.

If you do not want to print the entire database, select which records should be printed. Prior to printing, the print dialog shows all database records. Use the data initialization field to select the records to be printed.


If you would like to print several copies of a label with record data, define this using:

  • Additional Quantity Settings dialog: Use Identical copies per label to set the desired quantity for the entire range of database records.

  • Increase or decrease the value in Copies field of the data initialization field to set the number of printed labels per record individually.

  • Use Label copies per record step of database wizard to dynamically define the number of printed labels per record.

You have a database containing records of your products. It contains a field with a numeric value. This value stores the required number of label copies is stored. Select this field and let the application print the quantity of labels as specified in this field.