Printer and Status bar stretches over the bottom part of the Desktop Designer window. The bar performs these roles:

  • Printer Selection for the current print job. Select your preferred printer from the drop-down list of installedprinters.


When changing a printer, label and paper size adapt automatically to the dimensions defined by the printer driver.

  • Printer Properties: Gives you direct access to the properties dialog of the selected printer driver.

  • Design surface zooming.

  • Windows mode indication. Windows mode is reported if the advanced printer driver interface has been disabled in Label Properties > Printer.


    Windows mode disables printing optimization methods.

  • Document protection indication: Indicates that the current document is password protected. To manage document protection, go to File tab > Protection.


Status Bar Printer Selection

Status Bar Printer Selection dropdown list allows instant printer selection for label printing. The list is populated with printers, which are installed on the system.

Design surface dimensions adapt to the selected printer automatically – as defined by the printer driver.

Windows Printing Mode

When designing and printing labels with Desktop Designer, it is recommended to use Loftware printer drivers to ensure an optimal printing output.

Although the Loftware printer driver is available for your printer, you can still print labels using the Windows printer driver. To achieve this, open label properties and disable the use of advanced printer interface.

When printing in Windows mode, the labels print as graphic files. This increases the amount of data sent for each label and can slow down the printing process.