Your landing page in Designer is an introduction which opens after the application loads. The page includes the following:

  • New document area: create new or open existing Designer documents.

    • Create a New Label: create new label documents.

    • New Solution: create solutions with labels and forms.

    • Open from Document Storage: open labels or solutions from Document Storage on your connected NiceLabel Control Center.

      Product level info

      Opening from Document Storage is available when connected to NiceLabel Control Center, and requires an LMS license.

    • Open...: open existing label and solution files from your workstation, cloud or network locations.


    When you create new labels based on sample templates, Designer creates a new folder inside your Solutions folder. Your new folder is named after your sample. It is located at: C:\Users\username\Documents\NiceLabel\Solutions\newly created folder

  • Recent Files: lists recently used Designer files.


Your landing page and its sections are different when you run licensed Designer editions or trial versions.

  • Learning resources: access useful resources to help you create labels and solutions, and learn more about NiceLabel 10.

    • Training Videos: access your NiceLabel video tutorial library. Video tutorials help you learn label design basics and solution building in just minutes.

    • User Guides: access the entire online library of NiceLabel user guides. User guides provide you comprehensive descriptions and instructions for using NiceLabel 10.

    • Sample Files: access sample label collections and solution files. Use samples to get familiar with NiceLabel 10, start building new documents, and to explore software capabilities. Samples help you create labels compliant with industry standards like GS1 and GHS, and labels equipped with mandatory objects like allergens or nutrition tables.

  • Printer Drivers: access NiceLabel printer drivers. Drivers let you optimize your labels to print on specific printer models.

  • Software Information: contains information about your installed copy of NiceLabel 10 – license, license key, and installed version. If a newer version of NiceLabel 10 is available, notification links appear automatically. Click the link to download and install the latest version.