Deploying and Licensing

System and Software Requirements

See general NiceLabel System Requirements. To develop your application you need a development environment with .NET Framework 4.7.2 such as Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 or newer.

Deploying NiceLabel .NET API

When you install NiceLabel .NET API package is also installed. The NiceLabel installation package installs the following:

  • SDK Reference.chm. The NiceLabel .NET API help file is located in the folder where you installed NiceLabel. The default location is c:\Program Files\NiceLabel\NiceLabel 10\\Help\SDK\.

Use the universal NiceLabel installer to install NiceLabel on the client's computer. The API libraries are installed as part of Print components.



Before you start using NiceLabel .NET API on workstations, activate your license.

To activate your license, run NiceLabel Desktop Designer or Automation and follow the on-screen guidance for activation.

NiceLabel .NET API is available with PowerForms Suite and Control Center licenses. Printers used with NiceLabel .NET API count in the same license quote as from other NiceLabel modules. See the document NiceLabel Licensing for more information.

For software vendors that develop web or cloud based products, higher volume off-the-shelf products, or niche applications that use predefined label templates, NiceLabel offers a set of developer-only products which might be better suited for such processes. Contact our sales department to learn more.

If you are using Loftware Cloud, you can start using your NiceLabel .NET API after you install and sign in your NiceLabel Print client to the Loftware Cloud:

  1. Open NiceLabel Print.

  2. Go to File > About.

  3. Under Account, click Sign in. The Connect to Loftware Cloud window appears.

  4. Type in the name of the Loftware Cloud server you are connecting to and click Connect.

  5. The Sign in to your Loftware Cloud window appears. Sign in using your Microsoft or Google Account.

If you are using NiceLabel Desktop Designer in combination with NiceLabel Print that you activate in your Control Center, you can also:

  • Pre-configure activation settings using the product.config configuration file. This allows you to perform standardized repeated installations in your labeling environment. See all available pre-configuration options in our Knowledge Base article.

  • Pre-configure the activation settings using the command line interface. This way, you can make your repeated installations faster. You can find the license key definition commands in our Knowledge Base article.