By default, NiceLabel Automation logs events into log database. This includes higher-level information gathering, such as:

  • action execution logging

  • filter execution logging

  • logging of trigger status updates

For more information, see section Event Logging Options.

However, default logging doesn't keep track of the deep under-the-hood executions. If troubleshooting is needed on the lower-level of the code execution, you must enable tracing mode. In this mode, NiceLabel Automation logs details about all internal executions that take place during trigger processing. Tracing mode should only be enabled during troubleshooting to collect logs and then disabled to resume normal operation.


Tracing mode slows down processing. It should only be used when instructed so by NiceLabel technical support team.

After you reproduce the issue with enabled tracing, disable tracing in product.config file or restore your original product.config file.