NiceLabel Automation runs as a Windows service and is designed not to require any user intervention while processing data and executing actions. The service is configured to start when the operating system is booted and runs in the background for as long as Windows is running. NiceLabel Automation remembers the list of all loaded configurations and active triggers. The last-known state is automatically restored when the server restarts.

The service runs with privileges of the user account selected during the installation. The service inherits all access permissions of that user account, including access to network shared resources, such as network drives, and printer drivers. Use the account of an existing user with sufficient privileges, or even better, create a dedicated account just for NiceLabel Automation.

You can manage the service by launching the Services from Windows Control Panel. In a modern Windows operating system, you can also manage the services using Services tab in Windows Task Manager. You would use Services to execute tasks such as:

  • Starting and stopping the service.

  • Changing the account under which the service logs on.