Document Storage and Versioning of Configuration Files

Document Storage is a functionality of NiceLabel Control Center. It enables the NiceLabel Control Center to perform as a shared file repository on the server, in which users can store their files, retrieve them, and control their revisions.

Document Storage contextual tab enables you to perform document storage actions straight from Automation Builder. This makes accessing and opening the Automation file in NiceLabel Control Center unnecessary.


This contextual tab requires connection with NiceLabel Control Center. LMS Enterprise license is mandatory for such configurations.

Revisioning group allows you to perform the available document storage actions:

  • Check Out: Checks out the file from NiceLabel Control Center document storage and makes it available for editing. The checked-out file is marked and locked for editing for any other user. All other users will see the current revision of the file, while the author already works on a new draft.


After opening a document from the document storage (File > Open > Document Storage), the editing commands remain disabled until you check out the document.

  • Check In: Checks the file to NiceLabel Control Center document storage after the editing is done. When you check in the file, its revision number increments by one. The entered comment is added to file log.

  • Discard Checkout: Discards checkout of the current file and gives other users full access to the file.


    If you click Discard Checkout, all changes since the last file checkout will be lost.

  • Document Storage: Opens document storage location of the connected NiceLabel Control Center.