If an error occurs while executing an action, NiceLabel Automation stops executing all actions in the trigger. If there are actions defined after the current action that reports an error, these actions are not executed.

For example, actions are defined as shown in the screenshot below. If Set Printer action fails due to invalid name or inaccessible printer, the actions Print Label and HTTP Request are not executed. Action processing stops at Set Printer, Automation Manager shows the trigger in error state and the trigger status feedback (if enabled) reports "wrong printer specified / printer not accessible".


However, in this particular case you don't want to use synchronous feedback which is sent automatically if enabled in the trigger that supports synchronous feedback. Status feedback must be provided asynchronously using the HTTP Request action after the print job is created (or not). After the print process completes, update an application with its status. To achieve this, send the application an HTTP formatted message.

In this case, the HTTP Request action must be executed regardless of success of all the actions in the list above it. Enable the Ignore failure option for all actions that are placed above the HTTP Request action. The option is available under Execution and error handling options of an action.


If a particular action fails, NiceLabel Automation starts executing the next action on the higher level of hierarchy.

Example 90. Example

If the Set Printer action on level 1.1 fails, the execution does not continue with Print Label action on level 1.2 because it will likely fail as well. It continues with the HTTP Request action on level 2, because it is the next action in the higher-level hierarchy.

The same logic can be implemented for looping actions, such as Use Data Filter, Loop and For Each Record. With these actions, you iterate through all members on the list. If processing of one member fails from whatever reason, by default NiceLabel Automation stops processing all other members and reports an error. If you enable Ignore failure option, the processing of the failed member stops, but NiceLabel Automation continues with the next member. At the end, the error is reported anyway.