Automation Manager is the management part of NiceLabel Automation software. When using Automation Builder for configuring the triggers, you are using Automation Manager to deploy and run the triggers in production environment. The application allows you to load triggers from different configurations, see their live status, start/stop them, and see execution details in log file.

You can customize the view on the loaded configurations and their triggers. The last view is remembered and applied when you run Automation Manager for the next time. If you enable view By status, triggers from all open configurations that share the same status are displayed together. If you enable view by Configurations, triggers from the selected configuration are displayed together, no matter what their status is. Trigger status is color-coded in the trigger icon for easier identification.

The displayed trigger details change in real time – as soon as the trigger events are detected. You can see the information items, such as trigger name, type of trigger, how many events have already been processed, how many errors were detected, and the time that passed since the last event. If you hover your mouse above the number of already processed triggers, you see the number of trigger events waiting to be processed.


The loaded configuration is cached in memory. If you make a change to the configuration in Automation Builder, the Automation Manager does not automatically apply it. To apply the change, reload the configuration.