To learn more about triggers in general, see section Understanding Triggers.

HTTP server trigger fires if data is received on the monitored socket (IP address and port number).

Contrary to TCP/IP trigger, the received data is not a raw data stream, but includes standard HTTP header. Third party applications must use POST or GET request methods. They must provide data in message body or in query string. You can use both Internet media types in the message body – MIME Type, or Content-Type. NiceLabel Automation receives the message and extracts relevant data from the message content using a filter.

Typical use: Existing business system executes a transaction which sends data to NiceLabel Automation server formatted as HTTP POST message to a specific socket. The sent data might be structured in CSV, XML and other formats, or it can be structured using a proprietary legacy format. Either way, NiceLabel Automation reads the data, parses values using filters and prints the extracted data on labels. For more information on how to parse and extract data, see section Understanding Filters.