Setting Label and Printer Names from Input Data

Typically, filters extract values from the received data and send them to label variables for printing. In such cases, label or printer names are hard-coded into the actions. For example, Open Label action hard-codes the label name, and Set Printer action hard-codes the printer name. However, the input data can also provide meta-data. These are the values used inside the NiceLabel Automation processing, but not printed on the label, such as label name, printer name, label quantity, etc.

To use the values of meta-data fields in the print process, do the following.

  1. Filter reconfiguration: Define new fields for the input data to extract the meta-data fields as well.

  2. Variable definition: Manually define the variables to store the meta-data since they don't exist on the label and cannot be imported. Use intuitive names, such as LabelName, PrinterName, and Quantity. You are free to use any variable name.

  3. Mapping reconfiguration: Manually configure the Use Data Filter action to map meta-fields to new variables.

  4. Action reconfiguration: Reconfigure Open Label action to open the label specified by variable LabelName, and Set Printer action to use the printer as specified by the PrinterName variable.