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Your Control Center data includes your documents and printing history logs. All the data is stored in your Control Center SQL database.

You store your label files, solutions, graphics, and other files in the Documents storage. Control Center generates History logs automatically and logs data size depends on the frequency of your printing activities.



In time, the size of stored data can reach the limits of your storage space in NiceLabel Cloud. We recommend you clear some data from your cloud storage. If you need more space in your Documents, or if you want to prolong History logs retention time, contact NiceLabel sales.

To manage your cloud storage, go to Administration > Storage where you can:

  • Check your used space in Documents.


    Your Documents storage space depends on your NiceLabel Cloud edition.

  • Manage your Control Center Cloud Database (SQL database) connection string and credentials.

  • Download your data archives.


    Your data retention time depends on your NiceLabel Cloud edition.



In time, the size of stored data can reach several Gigabytes, which may affect the performance of Control Center. To avoid performance issues, you can archive your History logs if you go to Administration > Archiving.

  • To enable periodical archiving, select the option Perform scheduled cleanups, then define Cleanup Configuration settings.

  • You can periodically perform cleanup of your Control Center SQL database by deleting the old content or arriving the old content to your local Access database.

  • With Organize archive data options you can create a new archive file for each cleanup or ad data to the same file.