Your Cloud Database for your content is an SQL database and an integral part of your NiceLabel Cloud. This database allows you to establish a secure, centralized, and universally accessible dynamic data storage for your cloud labeling environment. This is the database that your NiceLabel Cloud users can work with when they design and share their labels or solutions.

Example 24. Example

When you are designing food labels with automatically highlighted allergens on the ingredients list, you can store the allergens' data in your Cloud database. At print time, your NiceLabel client (Designer, Print, or Web Client) retrieves the data from the Cloud Database, and prints the labels with highlighted ingredients that are marked as allergens.


The amount of available database space depends on your account. Please contact your NiceLabel sales representative for more details.

Setup your Cloud Database:

  1. Go to Administration > Storage > Cloud Database for Your Content.

  2. Click the Create labeling database button. The New labeling database window opens.

  3. Type in your user name and set the password. You will need these credentials later when connecting to the Cloud database from your labels, solutions, or configurations. The credentials are also mandatory if you want to connect to the database using your database editing software.


    You can connect to the Cloud database using any compatible SQL tool. NiceLabel recommends Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

    The SQL user name you create is assigned administrator permissions in your SQL database. You can define additional SQL users in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. For example, you can limit SQL users to specific tables in your (one) SQL database, or for security, define a "working user" that is not an administrator.

  4. Click Create. When the window closes, your database is ready. You see Cloud Database information under Cloud database for your content:

    • Status displays your Cloud Database creation date.

    • Connection string example displays the connection string format for your Cloud Database in the cloud. To connect your NiceLabel clients to this database, update the connection string with your NiceLabel Cloud account user name and password.

Connect to your Cloud database:


Before you continue, install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio on your computer.

  1. In Control Center go to Administration > Storage > Cloud Database for Your Content.

  2. Copy the Server name from the Connection string example.

  3. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

  4. The Connect to Server window opens. Paste the Server name from the Connection string example.

  5. Set Authentication to SQL Server Authentication.

  6. Type in your database credentials.

  7. Click Options and go to Connection Properties tab. Copy the database name from the Connection string example to the Connect to database field.

  8. Click Connect.

Your Cloud Database is set up and ready to use in Control Center.