Organizational Users


Connect organizational directories like Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD), so you can add all your directory users and groups to NiceLabel Cloud.

Connecting your directory

To connect NiceLabel Cloud to the Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD):

  1. Sign in to Control Center with your Microsoft account. This account must also have AAD administrative privileges.


    If your Microsoft account does not have administrative privileges on AAD, you can invite your AAD administrator and let them connect the AAD to Control Center.

  2. Go to Users > Users. In the Organizational Users and Groups section click Connect button. The AAD connection dialog page opens. Follow the on-screen instructions.


    By clicking Add To My Organization button you start a wizard where you first sign in to your AAD account. Then wizard prompts you to permissions for Control Center to access AAD data (users and groups). If you don't agree with permissions, you can cancel the wizard.


    Control Center requests the following permissions when accessing AAD:

    • application permissions: Directory.Read.All, Group.Read.All

    • delegated: User.Read

  3. Your AAD is now connected to Control Center and AAD users can start using Control Center. Users don't get any notification mail from Control Center so send them the link to your Control Center.

    • By default, your address is where account is the name of your NiceLabel Cloud account.

    • After your invited users click on the link, they sign in to your NiceLabel CloudControl Center using their organizational Microsoft account.

Your logged-in users become Organizational users in Control Center. The Organizational account is a user account that is defined in your company's organizational directory. Organizational groups are defined in your organizational directory.

Guest Users


You can individually invite your colleagues or external users to participate in your NiceLabel Cloud system. This allows you to share your label templates, Applications (Solutions), and configurations within your company and with users from your partner companies.

The individually invited users join your NiceLabel Cloud using their personal Microsoft or Google accounts.

To individually invite users to your NiceLabel Cloud:

  1. Open your cloud Control Center and navigate to Users > Users.

  2. Click Invite user.

  3. The user settings page opens. Under Settings, type in the Invitation email address. Other fields are optional. NiceLabel recommends you to create a descriptive Personal message. The Name helps you distinguish the users later as their number grows. Under Description add details about your user for your internal use.

  4. Under Access Roles, you can assign appropriate Access Roles to your users. Access Roles allow you to control the User Privileges in your NiceLabel Cloud.

    1. Click Add. The Add Access Roles dialog opens. Select the role(s) for your guest user.

    2. Click OK.


    To see the granted privileges for each access role, go to Users > Access Roles > click on the role. You can view granted permissions for this particular Access Role under Permissions for this Role.

  5. Under Web Applications, you can immediately start sharing your label templates or Applications from your Control Center with your new user.

  6. Click Invite to send the NiceLabel Cloud invitation email to the guest user. Your invited user receives the invitation email.

Before your guest user can start working with Control Center, your user must:

Adding Guest Users as Organizational Users


In certain cases, you might have guest users that you initially invited to your NiceLabel Cloud individually. Later you want to add them to Control Center as part of your organizational directory. Your cloud Control Center automatically regroups these guest accounts under your organizational users.

  1. Control Center removes the guest user account. This is the account that becomes active after the individually invited user clicks the invitation email link, and completes the sign-up procedure.

  2. The user's organizational account becomes active in NiceLabel Cloud and accessible by using the organizational credentials.

  3. Control Center starts displaying your user's organizational display name.

  4. Users whose account you regroup from guest to organizational user, retain membership of previously assigned roles, and also remain authorized users for the applications they are currently using.

Example 21. Changing the Guest user accounts to Organisational users

John is responsible for labeling in his company. He receives an invitation to the NiceLabel Cloud from a Loftware sales representative. During the testing phase, John individually invites a group of his colleagues to sign up in the NiceLabel Cloud. After the testing phase completes, John asks Mike, the IT specialist, to connect their company's organizational directory to the NiceLabel Cloud. John must first invite Mike as a guest user. Mike must first sign up and connect the organizational directory to the NiceLabel Cloud. When Mike is done, all existing "testing phase" guest users that are also members of the connected organizational directory automatically regroup and become organizational users.