Control Center also serves as a centralized user management tool. In Control Center you define how your users access and work within your NiceLabel Cloud or Label Management System. Assign Access Roles and set different Permissions to make your labeling environment secure and easy to use.

Learn about managing and adding users to your Control Center

To start managing your users, first, define your authentication method for your users. Your authentication method depends on the product and edition you purchased:

You can invite your internal or external users to your Control Center.

Your second step is to manage your user privileges:

  • Add your users or user groups as members of predefined Access Roles or create your own unique access roles.


    Every Control Center user must be a member of at least one Access Role.

  • Set your Role Permissions for your access roles to match your labeling needs.

You can control what your users do at both broad and granular levels.


Use Access Roles and Role Permissions to limit access to your:

Example 20. Different Access Roles and Permissions for different needs

In order to properly set up your NiceLabel label printing system your IT administrators need all permissions enabled. The Administrator role is an Access Role with all Permissions enabled and is automatically assigned to the user who activates NiceLabel Cloud or Label Management System account.

Your printing operators have different needs, their work is limited to running printing Applications and printing labels. To prevent mistakes and improve efficiency the best-suited access role, in this case, is the Operator Access Role.