Open NiceLabel Control Center from your browser to start centrally managing your entire label printing system from one place. Your Dashboard is your starting point for managing your label printing system centrally from Control Center.

  1. Open Control Center:

    • For Label Management System, open http://yourserver/epm. Replace yourserver with your installation server name. For first -time sign in information, read On-Premises Installation.

  2. The Control Center sign-in page opens. Sign in with your Microsoft or Google account.

When you sign in, your Dashboard opens:


Your Dashboard gives you an overview of your entire labeling system:

  1. Recent Printing Activity (Last 24 hours) includes which computers printed, print counts, times, and errors.

  2. Recent Errors (Last 24 hours) include error types, modules, computers, users, statuses, and submission dates.

  3. Computers Running Automation includes all your computers running NiceLabel Automation.

  4. Common Activities include links to frequently-performed Control Center actions like Print from your Applications and Add New Managed Printer.

  5. Waiting for your Approval includes files in workflows shared with you to review and approve or reject.

  6. License Information includes product information and the number of printer seats you're using.

  7. Server Information includes Control Center server name and server time.

Use the menu on your left to open other Control Center pages:


You can hide Control Center pages for your users by updating user Access Roles.

See important information about your entire labeling system on your Dashboard when you open Control Center.