Depending on the license type, your NiceLabel product might be limited to a number of printers you can use simultaneously. In case of a multi-user license NiceLabel keeps track of the number and names of different printers you have used for printing on all NiceLabel clients in your environment. The unique printer identifier is a combination of printer driver name (not printer name), printer location and port.

"To use a printer" means that one of the below listed actions has been taken within the Automation configuration:

Each of these actions signalizes that a printer has been used. The associated printer is added to the list of used printers and remains listed for 7 days since last usage. To remove a printer from the list, do not use it for a period of 7 days and it will be removed automatically. The software displays the Last Used information so you know when the 7-day period passes for each printer. You can bind a printer seat to a specific printer by clicking the Reserved check box. Reservation ensures printer availability at all times – even if a printer has been idle for more than 7 days.


If you exceed the number of seats defined by your license, the software enters the 30-day grace period. While in this mode, the number or allowed printers is temporarily increased to twice the number of printers allowed by license.

Grace period provides plenty of time to resolve licensing issues without any printing downtime or loss of ability to design labels. Exceeded number of allowed printers is usually an effect of printer replacement in your environment. It happens if old and new printers are used simultaneously, or if you add new printers. If you do not resolve license violation within the 30-day grace period, the number of available printers is reduced to the number of purchased seats starting with the last used printer on the list.


To learn more about NiceLabel 10 licensing, read the dedicated documentNiceLabel 10 Licensing.