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Whenever NiceLabel Automation needs to get data from a database, make sure that the necessary database driver is installed on the Windows system. Database drivers are provided by the company developing the database software. The driver that you install must match the bitness of your Windows system. NiceLabel software always runs in the bitness of your Windows system.

32-bit Windows

If you have 32-bit Windows, you can only install 32-bit database drivers. The same database driver is be used to configure the trigger in Automation Builder and to execute trigger execution in NiceLabel Automation Service. All NiceLabel Automation components run as 32-bit applications.

64-bit Windows

If you have 64-bit Windows, you can install 64-bit or 32-bit database drivers. The applications that are running in 64-bit use 64-bit database drivers. The applications that are running in 32-bit use 32-bit database drivers.

By default, Automation Service runs as 64-bit process. As such, it uses 64-bit database drivers to make a database connection. If 64-bit database drivers are not available on the system on which Automation Service is running, the database connection task offloads to the NiceLabel Proxy process. This process always runs as 32-bit process.