Text database is an alias for text files with structured fields, such as CSV (comma separated file), or text files with fixed-width fields. In either case, you can click the Import Data Structure button and follow the wizard to import the fields. If you have a data file with delimited structure and the number of fields varies from one copy to another, enable the Dynamic structure feature and let NiceLabel Automation handle the data extraction and mapping to variables automatically. For more information, see section Enabling Dynamic Structure.


  • File with delimited fields: The first line in the file contains field names that the filter can import.

    CAS006;8021228110014;CASONCELLI ALLA CARNE 250G;6
    PAS501;8021228310001;BIGOLI 250G;6
    PAS502GI;8021228310018;TAGLIATELLE 250G;6
    PAS503GI;8021228310025;TAGLIOLINI 250G;6
    PAS504;8021228310032;CAPELLI D'ANGELO 250G;6
  • File with fixed-width fields: Fields contain a fixed number of characters.

    CAS006     8021228110014 CASONCELLI ALLA CARNE 250G 6
    PAS501     8021228310001 BIGOLI 250G                6
    PAS502GI   8021228310018 TAGLIATELLE 250G           6
    PAS503GI   8021228310025 TAGLIOLINI 250G            6
    PAS504     8021228310032 CAPELLI D'ANGELO 250G      6