Compound CSV is a text file that contains data in two structures – in a standard CSV structure, and in a multi-line header that uses a non-standard structure. The contents of a compound CSV file cannot be parsed using a single filter. To parse data in both structures, configure two separate filters:

Configuration that includes a compound CSV file, requires two actions to execute both filters on the received data.


Data items from line 3 until the end of the document have CSV structure and are parsed by the Structured Text filter. Data items in the first two lines do not have any particular structure and are parsed using Unstructured Data filter.

OPTPEPPQPF0 NL004002 ;F75-TEP77319022891-001-001
OPT2 zg2lbprt.p GOLF+ label print"printer";"label";"lbl_qty";"f_logo";"f_field_1";"f_field_2";"f_field_3"
"Production01";"label.nlbl";"1";"logo-nicelabel.png";"ABCS1161P";"Post: ";"1"
"Production01";"label.nlbl";"1";"logo-nicelabel.png";"ABCS1162P";"Post: ";"2"
"Production01";"label.nlbl";"1";"logo-nicelabel.png";"ABCS1163P";"Post: ";"3"
"Production01";"label.nlbl";"1";"logo-nicelabel.png";"ABCS1164P";"Post: ";"4"
"Production01";"label.nlbl";"1";"logo-nicelabel.png";"ABCS1165P";"Post: ";"5"