To improve the time-to-first label and performance in general, NiceLabel Automation supports file caching. When loading the labels, images and database data from network shares, you might experience delays while printing the labels. NiceLabel Automation must fetch all required files before the printing process can begin.

There are two levels of caching that complement each other.

  • Memory cache: Memory cache stores the already used files. The labels that have been used at least once are loaded in the memory cache. When a trigger requests a printout of the same label, the label is immediately available for printing process. Memory cache is enabled by default. Its contents are cleared after you remove or reload a configuration. The label file is checked for changes for each Open Label action. If there is a newer label available, it loads automatically, replacing the old version in the cache.


    After a label is not in use for 8 hours, it is offloaded from the memory cache.

  • Persistent cache: Persistent cache stores data to disk – its role is to provide medium term storage for files. Caching is managed per file object. After a file is being requested from the network share, the service first verifies if the file is already present in cache, and uses it. If a file is not in the cache, it is fetched from network share and cached for future use. The cache service continuously updates cache contents with new versions of files. You can configure the time intervals for version checking in Options menu.