If your configuration fails to load...

When deployed, your Automation configuration runs as a Windows process in the background. The Automation Manager using which you manage and monitor your configuration is merely an interface that represents the actual Automation services. In certain cases, the configuration that you developed, tested, and deployed fails to load. There are multiple possible reasons. Follow the proposed solutions to get your Automation configuration up and running:

  1. Configuration file was removed, renamed or moved to another location. You can check to which file your deployed configuration points in Automation Manager:


    Make sure the .misx configuration file is available at the specified location, and the it still has the same name as in Automation Manager. If you moved or renamed your configuration file, open it in Automation Builder and deploy the configuration again.

  2. Configuration file is on a network location which cannot be accessed due to network connection problem. Check the network connectivity of your computer/server that stores the configuration.

  3. Automation service does not have permission to access the configuration file. Check permissions for user account used by Automation service. This error indicates issues with the Automation service running in the background.

    Possible solutions are:

    • If your configuration file is stored on a local disk or network share, check that you are running your configuration under your local user or domain credentials. Running your configuration under Local System Account may restrict access to shared network folders and printers. Open Services, and see the properties of the NiceLabel Automation Service 10.

    • If your configuration file is stored in the document storage of your Control Center, these are the possible scenarios:

      • Your Control Center uses the application authentication. The reason why your configuration fails to load, is incorrect Automation service identity. The Automation service identity must match the user identity as defined in your Control Center.

        You can find your configuration's Automation service identity in Automation Manager > About tab.

      • Your Control Center uses the Windows authentication. Your configuration fails to load because you try to run it as a user with insufficient privileges on your Control Center. Check under which user you are running the Automation service. Open Services, and see the properties of the NiceLabel Automation Service 10.



        In both cases, see NiceLabel Control Center user guide for more details on the available authentication methods and user privileges.