NiceLabel Automation logs events on various locations, depending on the deployment scenario. The first two logging features are available with every NiceLabel Automation product level.

  • Logging to log database: Logging to internal log database is always enabled. Internal log database keeps record of all events with all details. When viewing the logged information, you can use filters to display events that match the rules. For more information, see section Using Event Log.

    The data is stored in an SQLite database. This is a temporary log repository – the events are removed from the database on a weekly basis. The housekeeping interval is configurable in Options. Records of old events are deleted from the database, but the database does not get compacted (vacuumed), so it might still occupy the disk space. To compact the database, use a 3rd party SQLite management software.

  • Logging to Windows Application Event Log: Important events are saved to Windows Application Event Log in case NiceLabel Automation fails to start. This ensures a secondary resource for logged events.

  • Logging to Control Center: Logging to Control Center is available in LMS Enterprise and LMS Pro products. Control Center is a Web-based management console that records all events on one or more NiceLabel Automation servers. The data is stored in Microsoft SQL Server database. You can search through the collected data, and additionally, the application also supports automated alerts in case of certain events, printer management, document storage, revision control system (versioning), workflows, and label reprinting.


    For more information, see the Control Center user guide.