Global Variables

Global variables are a type of variables that can be used on different labels. Global variables are defined outside the label file and remember the last-used values.

Global variables are typically defined as global counters. Such global variables provide a unique value for every label that requests a new value. File locking takes place ensuring uniqueness of each value.

Global variables are defined in label designer, the NiceLabel Automation only uses it. The source for global variables is configurable in the Options dialog (File > Options > Global Variables).

By default, NiceLabel Automation is configured to use global variables from local computer. Their default location is:

%PROGRAMDATA%\NiceLabel\Global Variables

Global variables are defined in files GLOBAL.TDB and GLOBALS.TDB.SCH.

In multi-user environments, make sure you configure all clients to use the same network-shared source for global variables, or Control Center-based global variables.


Definition and current value for global variables can be stored in a file or in Control Center (for LMS Enterprise and LMS Pro products).