Using Secure Transport Layer (HTTPS)


You can protect the inbound traffic to the HTTP Server Trigger and Web Service Trigger by enabling the HTTPS support. HTTPS secures the transmission of the messages exchanged over the network. The communication security uses X.509 certificates to encrypt the data flowing between the parties. Your information remains confidential from prying eyes because just the client and the NiceLabel Automation can decrypt the traffic. Even if some unauthorized user does eavesdrop on the communication he would fail to understand the meaning of the messages, because the traffic appears as a stream of random bytes.

It makes a good security practice to encrypt the communication in cases, such as:

  • You work with the sensitive and confidential data that must not be exposed to 3rd party users.

  • The message must pass through networks that are outside of your control. For example, this happens when you send data to Automation over the Internet, and not from the local network.