To learn more about triggers in general, see section Understanding Triggers.

Web Service trigger event occurs if a monitored socket (IP address and port number) receives data. The data must follow SOAP notation – it encodes XML data into an HTTP message. The Web Service interface is described with WSDL document. Such document is available with each defined Web Service trigger.

Web Service trigger provides feedback about print job status, but you have to enable the synchronous processing mode. For more information, see section Print Job Status Feedback.

Typically, programmers use Web Service to integrate label printing into their own applications. An existing business system executes a transaction, which sends the data to NiceLabel Automation server using a specific socket. The sent data is formatted as a SOAP message. The data can be provided in CSV, XML and other structured formats, or it can be provided using one of the legacy formats. In both cases, NiceLabel Automation reads the data, parses values using filters and prints them on labels. For more information on how to parse and extract data, see section Understanding Filters.