File tab serves as document management panel. The below listed options are available:

  • New: creates a new configuration file.

  • Open: opens existing configuration files.

  • Open NiceWatch File: opens a legacy NiceLabel NiceWatch configuration.

  • Save: saves the active configuration file.

  • Save as: allows saving the active configuration file by defining its name and location.

  • Options: opens the dialog for configuring the program defaults.

  • About: provides license and software version information.

  • Exit: closes the application.


Open dialog allows you to open the existing configurations in Automation Builder.

Browse allows selecting the configuration files on local or connected network drives.

Document Storage opens the document storage location of the connected NiceLabel Control Center. The Document Storage option allows you to manage your copy of the stored configuration file.


Recent Files field lists the latest configuration files that have been edited. Click any of them to open the file.

Compatibility with NiceWatch Products

NiceLabel Automation allows you to load trigger configurations that were built using legacy NiceWatch products. In the majority of cases, you can run NiceWatch configuration using NiceLabel Automation without any modifications.

NiceLabel Automation products are using a new .NET based print engine optimized for performance and low memory footprint. The new print engine does not support each label design option that is available in the label designer. Each new release of NiceLabel Automation is closing the gap, but you might still come across certain unavailable features.


Save saves the active configuration using the same file name that was used for opening it.


If a configuration has been opened for the first time, Save directs you to the Save as dialog.

Save as

Save as allows saving the active configuration file by defining its name and location. You can save your configuration files to your local disc or Document Storage in your NiceLabel Control Center

Recent folders field lists the folders that were recently used for saving the configuration files.


Use settings in this dialog box to customize the application. Select a group from the left-hand panels and configure its settings.


About dialog provides information about your NiceLabel product license, enables license purchasing (when in trial mode) and activation, provides software details, and enables you to change the product level of NiceLabel 10.

License information group includes:

  • Trial mode duration: Information about the remaining days for product evaluation. This segment is no longer visible after purchasing and activating the product license.

  • Purchase License: Button directs you to the NiceLabel online store.

  • Activate license: Button opens the NiceLabel 10 license activation dialog. See NiceLabel 10 installation guide for details about the license activation process. After activating the license, this button is renamed to Deactivate License – after clicking it and confirming the deactivation, your copy of NiceLabel 10 is no longer activated.

  • Change product level: Opens the product level selection dialog. When in trial mode, you can choose and evaluate all product levels. With an activated license, you can change your product level only to lower levels.


Product level changes take effect after restarting the application.

Software information group includes information about the installed software version and build number.