NiceLabel Automation is a service-based application. Execution of all rules and actions runs as a background process under credentials of the user account that is defined for the Service.

NiceLabel Automation consists of three components.

  • Automation Builder: Developer uses this application to create triggers, filters and actions, and to use them in a working configuration. Actions that belong to such a configuration execute after a trigger receives data. This application always runs as a 32-bit application.

  • Automation Manager: This is the management application that monitors the execution of triggers in real time, and orders the triggers to start or stop. Automation Manager always runs as a 32-bit application.

  • NiceLabel Automation Service: This is the 'print engine' that executes rules defined in the triggers. There are two service applications: NiceLabel Automation Service and NiceLabel Proxy Service. The Service always detects 'bitness' of the Windows machine and runs it at the same level (e.g. as a 64-bit application on 64-bit Windows), while the Proxy Service always runs as a 32-bit process.