Securely manage your entire label printing system from one place.

NiceLabel Control Center from Loftware allows you to manage your entire label printing system in businesses large and small. Control Center helps you produce consistent and compliant labels and allows you to monitor, analyze, and improve label printing processes in your production environment.

As part of NiceLabel Cloud, Control Center gives you secure, cloud-hosted, web-based access and central management for your documents, printers, computers, and drivers. Web-based access allows you to manage users, groups, printing applications, and integrations for your system without maintaining any IT infrastructure. Depending on your operational needs, you can also install Control Center on-premise in your own IT environment as part of NiceLabel Label Management System.

Control Center helps different individuals manage and use your labeling system:

  • Global IT Administrators manage global security, access, and synchronization while centrally monitoring labeling in multiple locations.

  • Local IT Administrators install, configure, test, and solve problems in single locations to keep production running.

  • Label Designers create and test documents, applications, integrations, and use workflows and print management for your label templates.

  • Quality Assurance Managers approve changes in workflows, get reports, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce risk.

  • Operations Managers standardize print processes and get production data to identify ways to improve efficiency and avoid errors.

Control Center helps you save time, reduce errors and costs, and increase efficiency in your label printing processes.