Downloading NiceLabel installation files from License Center and connecting to License Center

Downloading NiceLabel installation files from License Center


This topic applies to Designer Pro and PowerForms Suite.

After you sign in to License Center, you can download your NiceLabel installation pack (.exe file). Your NiceLabel installation pack includes these NiceLabel modules:

  • NiceLabel Desktop Designer enables you to design label templates that include fixed objects and dynamic data sources, that you can connect to texts, barcodes, and pictures.

  • NiceLabel Print is a stand-alone application for fast and easy printing. It eliminates the need for opening labels in Desktop Designer.

  • For Designer PowerForms Suite, LMS Pro and LMS Enterprise: NiceLabel Automation is an application that automates repetitive tasks. Automation allows you to integrate label printing processes into existing information systems, such as various business applications, production and packaging lines, distribution systems, and supply chains.

  1. Click the Download NiceLabel button.

  2. Go to your downloads folder and run the NiceLabel.exe file.

  3. Finish the installation wizard.

    For more information on the installation and setup process, see NiceLabel Installation.


    During the installation process, you can disable installing Automation.

After you finish the installation process, run NiceLabel Desktop Designer.

Connecting Desktop Designer to License Center

When you run Desktop Designer for the first time, you are asked to sign in with your browser to your License Center. This way, you connect your NiceLabel software and your Loftware subscription account.

If you don't use Desktop Designer, you can connect Automation to your License Center. The procedure is the same. See Connecting Desktop Designer to License Center.

  1. Open your Desktop Designer. The Sign in window opens. Your License Center URL is already entered. Click Sign in with browser.

  2. The Sign in page opens in your browser. Choose your sign-in option to sign in to License Center.

  3. The sign in procedure is completed. You can now return to your Desktop Designer.

  4. Click OK.


You connected your NiceLabel software to License Center. You can see your License Center Account name and NiceLabel product Edition in the About section in Desktop Designer.


If you ran NiceLabel module (Automation, Desktop Designer) in trial mode, you did not activate it. This applies to all NiceLabel software.

If Desktop Designer loses connection to License Center (or Control Center for LMS Pro and LMS Enterprise users), it runs offline for 14 days. When Desktop Designer enters offline mode, you receive a notification message. After 14 days, you must reconnect your NiceLabel software.