With Cloud Print Form you can print your labels directly from the Documents in your Control Center. Cloud Print Form is similar to the default print form in the desktop Designer.

You can only print to printers connected to the computers with NiceLabel desktop installations installed. NiceLabel clients must be connected to your Control Center.

If you don't see your printers, make sure your printers are online.

Cloud Print Form

  1. Your label name.

  2. Variables edit fields. You can manually insert label variable values.

  3. Label preview navigation. All labels, including identical copies, are displayed.

  4. Full-screen button. You can exit the full-screen mode by pressing the <Esc> key.

  5. Zoom navigation with Fit to window button.

  6. Database record selection with identical copies values.

  7. Printer selection and Quantity value. Quantity value multiplies Copies values in the database selection. For example, if the Copies value equals 3 and the Quantity value equals 4, the printer will print 12 labels.


Your Cloud Print Form user interface can be different if you don't use prompt variables or databases on your labels.


Cloud Print Form is also intended for verifying the content and layouts of your labels. With the current release, Cloud Print Form has the following limitations:

  • You can use only one database connection.

  • Your database can have up to 5000 records.

  • You can print up to 1000 labels at a time.

  • You can preview 10 database records at a time.

  • You can't print labels if the data size of selected database records exceeds 1024KB.

  • Label Reports are not supported.

  • If you use stocks, only the first label on the sheet will print.

  • If you use the header and/or tail labels, only the main label will print.

  • You can't print to PDF, XPS, or similar printers where you are prompted to enter the filename of the print output.

To avoid limitations, you can print from your desktop Designer. For printing labels with desktop Designer, follow the instructions on NiceLabel Help Center.

To print your labels from Cloud Print Form:

  1. Go to the Documents page in your Control Center.

  2. Navigate to the label file that you want to print. You can select only one label at a time.

  3. Right-click your label file, then click Print. The Preview and Print window opens.

  4. If your label contains prompt variables, you can manually enter variable values on the left side of the window. With variables marked with a star sign (*), values are required. If the variable value doesn't apply to Input rules (for example variable value exceeds the maximum length), Cloud Print Form displays a warning.

  5. If your label is connected to a database, you can select records and quantities to print at the bottom of the window.

  6. Before printing, make sure to select the correct printer. The printer selection drop-down menu is located in the bottom left corner of the printing form. Verify also the printing quantity.


    Control Center connects to all printers of all users with desktop Designer installed and connected. The printer list displays printers in alphanumeric order, together with computer names.

    The printer that is assigned to your label is not automatically selected.

    Your printer list shows also offline printers. When trying to print, Control Center displays an error message.

  7. Print all the selected labels.


Consider using printer preferences saved in your labels.


You can also print labels, connected to Google Sheets or Microsoft OneDrive Excel, but you must log in with your Google or Microsoft account for each database connection. See the next topic for the details.