Test printing in Control Center

Make sure you correctly set up your labeling environment by test printing a sample label with Cloud Print Form.

  1. Go to Documents > NiceLabel Samples.

  2. In your Root folder, find Hello_world.nlbl file.

  3. Right-click on the file name and click Copy to....

  4. The Select Folder window opens. Click Labels, then click Select.

  5. Go to All Files > Labels.

  6. Right-click Hello-world.nlbl. Select Print from the dropdown menu.

  7. The Preview and Print window opens. Select your printer. Leave Quantity at 1, and click Print.


Your test label prints. Compare the formatting on your printed label to the file on your screen to make sure your test print matches.

You have successfully test printed in Control Center. Now you can print labels from Control Center.

Quick troubleshooting

If your test print failed or you can't print, try the following:

  • Make sure your printer and computer are online.

  • Make sure that desktop Designer is installed on the computer you're printing from.

  • Make sure the computer you're printing from is connected to NiceLabel Cloud.

  • Check the Printing preferences on the computer you're printing from. Control Center uses printing preferences from the label or the computer you're printing from.


    If you print label templates on printers from multiple computers, we recommend you use the printing preferences saved in your label template.

You have successfully:

  • Set up your printing environment.

  • Installed and activated desktop Designer.

  • Connected desktop Designer to Control Center.

  • Test printed from your printer driver, Designer and Control Center using Cloud Print Form.

You can now design your labels in your desktop Designer, store and share labels with other users in License Center, and print labels.