Reserving your printers in Control Center

When you activate your desktop Designer, return to Control Center in your browser to reserve your printers.

Your reserved printers are always ready for printing. Reserving your printers secures your limited printer seats for printers essential to your operations and makes sure specific printers are always available to print.


Reserving your printers is optional but good practice. We recommend you reserve printers to stay within your printer seats.

To reserve printers in Control Center:

  1. Sign in to Control Center in your browser.

  2. Click Printers.

  3. Under License information, you can see available printer seats and reserved printers.

  4. Under Printers, you can see your printers under Printer model. To the left, you can see if your printer is reserved.



    To avoid reserving the wrong printers with similar names, carefully read the Printer model name.

  5. Select which printer to reserve by toggling Reserved by your printer.



    If you don't see your printers, follow the link under Print queues to download your printer drivers.


Your printer is reserved when you toggle Reserved by your printer name.


You successfully reserved your printers.

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