Setting up your printers

For Cloud Designer to work correctly, you must set up your printers.

In this section, you:

  • Learn about printer connections.

  • Install your NiceLabel printer drivers.

  • Test print from your printer driver.

About printer connections

To connect your printer, you can use a network connection or a local port (USB, LPT, COM).

  • To use your printer from more than one computer, choose network connection.

  • To use your printer from only one computer, choose a local port.

When your printers are plugged in and connected, you can install your printer drivers.


Printer drivers allow computers to communicate with printers and send print requests. Printer drivers serve as a bridge between the computer and the printer. Each printer has a unique driver written in printer-specific language for that printer model and manufacturer.

  • If you choose a local port connection, Windows automatically installs your printer drivers.


    To replace your installed printer drive with NiceLabel printer drivers, see USB port installation steps.

  • If you choose a network connection, you must install a printer driver.

Installing printer drivers

For the best printing experience, we recommend you install NiceLabel printer drivers.

To install NiceLabel printer drivers, see the Printer driver installation guide.


If you already have printer manufacturer's drivers, you can replace them with NiceLabel printer drivers to optimize your printing process.

If you already have NiceLabel printer drivers, we recommend you update them to the latest versions. See Updating printer drivers.

Checking your printer's connection

After installing your printer driver, make sure your printer is now connected to your computer.

  1. In your Windows search bar, search for printers.


    Printers & scanners in Windows 10.

  2. Make sure you can see your new printers in your Printers list.

    If you can't see your printers, printer installation went wrong.

Setting up printing preferences

After you install your printer driver, set up your driver Printing preferences.


Printing preferences are settings your computer uses when you print on your printer. Printer preferences are specific to your computer. That means any application from your computer uses the printing preferences you set.

To set printing preferences:

  1. Go to Settings > Printers.

    Select your printer and open Printing preferences.

  2. Set your media type width and height. Click OK.


If your printer ignores the changes you make to your printing preferences, see Changing Printer preferences.

Test printing from your printer driver

To print a test page, select your printer from your Printers list and click Manage. Then click Print a test page.


Quick troubleshooting

If your test print fails, there may be different issues to consider:

  • Adjust the other settings in Printing preferences until you get the correct print output.

  • If your printer doesn't print, there may be a problem with your connection settings.

  • Check the media type for your printer. For example, if your printer uses a ribbon, select thermal transfer or direct thermal for label use only.

You successfully set up your printing environment. You are ready to activate your Cloud Designer product.