I can't see my printers in Control Center

You connected printers to your computers or network, but you can't see your printers in Control Center.

First, see Setting up your printers.

Check if your printers are installed

For printers to work, they need to connect to your computers. Your printers can connect in multiple ways:

  1. Network connection means your printer and computer connect to the same network, either through the internet or ethernet.

  2. USB connection uses a USB cable to connect your printer directly to your computer.

  3. For Bluetooth connection turn on Bluetooth in the printer settings, then add your printer as a new Bluetooth device on your computer.


    Bluetooth doesn't work with NiceLabel products.

  4. For Cloud connection, use Cloud Essentials or Business.

  5. Older printers use LPT or COM ports.

We recommend you use a Network connection or a USB connection.

  • If you want to use your printer from more than one computer, choose Network connection.

  • If you will use your printer from only one computer, choose a USB connection.

Check if your printers are connected to your computer

To connect to your computer, your printer needs a printer driver.


Printer drivers allow computers to communicate with printers and send print requests. Printer drivers serve as a bridge between the computer and the printer. Each printer has a unique driver written in printer-specific language for that printer model and manufacturer.

We suggest you use NiceLabel printer drivers to optimize your printer performance.

For installing printer drivers, check the Printer Driver Installation Guide.

Check if your desktop Designer is online

To see your printers in Control Center, you have to connect your desktop Designer to Control Center.

Run your desktop Designer. Under Software information, you can see your Edition, Printer Limit, and NiceLabel Cloud Account.


If your desktop Designer is already opened, you can get software information in File > About.

To connect your Control Center to your desktop Designer, see Activating desktop Designer

The list of printers in your desktop Designer is different than in Control Center

In your desktop Designer you see all the printers, connected to your computer, including shared printers.

In Cloud Print Form and under Printers in Control Center, you see printers, connected to your computer and to any other computer, connected to the same Control Center. In Control Center, you don't see shared printers.