In Samples, you can find the most common label templates.

Especially if this is the first time you deal with labels, use sample labels to:

  • Learn what labels should look like.

  • Learn what elements labels are they made of.

  • Learn to design your own labels.

  • Learn desktop Designer.

  • Copy the samples to your own folder, and modify them for your needs instead of creating new label templates from scratch.

Samples in Control Center


You can find an overview of samples on your Dashboard in Control Center.

You can't print from the Samples folder, but you can copy the sample label file into All files, and edit the copied sample files in the desktop Designer.

Choose between NiceLabel samples and Partner samples. All users have access to NiceLabel samples, but Partner samples are an optional feature. To find out more about Partner samples, contact your Loftware partner.

You can also find Sample files in Documents.


Samples in desktop Designer

In desktop Designer, you can create your own labels using samples instead of starting from a blank template.