Inviting and removing users in Control Center

New users can only access Control Center when you add them as users in Control Center and send them an email invitation.

You can invite users with company or private email addresses to Control Center.

  1. Go to Users.

  2. Click Invite users.

  3. The User information form opens.

    • Under Name, put in the user's name.

    • Under Email, put in the user's email address.


      Make sure to type in the email address correctly. If the email isn't correct, you will not receive any notification about the invite not being delivered. After sending the invite to the user, you can't edit this field.

    • Under Message, type your message. The user will receive your message in your invitation mail.

    • Under Custom description, type in the user's role, for example, Warehouse print operator. You can edit this field later on.



      The Custom description is a useful way to keep track of your users and their roles, especially when there are a lot of users. If you have trouble creating a description, consider how the user is connected with your labeling process.

  4. Check your data, then click Invite. Control Center sends the invitation email to the user you added. When the user accepts your invite, his status will change from Not signed up to Active.


To remove a user, select the user and click Remove.