Previewing label and graphic files

You can preview your label files directly in the Documents without opening your labels in the desktop Designer.

To see a preview of your label, graphic, or PDF Files, select your file. The preview appears on the right side of your browser.


You can preview graphic files with extensions .bmp, .png, .jpeg, .gif, .tif, .wmf, and .emf.


When you select a double-sided label, the preview shows only the front side. To see both sides, right-click the label file, then click Print from the context menu. The Preview and Print window opens with a print preview of both sides of your label.

Use the icons in the top right corner to switch between the thumbnail and list view of your files and folders.


The default list view and thumbnail view

With .nlbl files, the thumbnail view shows label previews. With other types of files, you can see only file icons.


Control Center generates label previews using the installed printer on your Control Center. If the printer does not exist, Control Center uses a virtual printer instead.

To get the exact label preview with inserted data sources, right-click your label file, then click Print in the context menu.


A Cloud Print Form opens. Use the Cloud Print Form to select the database records and enter prompt variable values.

Getting File properties

You can see the File properties section on the right side of your browser, under the Preview section.


You can only select one file at a time to see its properties.

You can obtain file properties, such as:

  • File name

  • File type

  • File size

  • Creation and modification date

  • Name of the last user that modified the file