Searching for files and label data

Searching in Documents works like searching in your file explorer. You can search the folder that is currently opened in the main pane. If you want to search the whole Documents, go to the Root folder.

Partial search is enabled by default. For example, when you enter the word lab, your result includes label and laboratory. To disable partial search, enter your keyword inside quotes, for example, "lab".

Advanced search for label content includes:

  • File name.

  • The description you entered when designing labels with desktop Designer in Label Properties > Info.

  • Printer name.

  • The object name you defined when designing labels with desktop Designer in Object Properties > General tab.

  • Object content, for example, fixed texts.

  • Variable name

  • Variable default value (Provisional value in variable properties).

To open the Advanced search window, click the icon right to the Search field.