Managing files and folders in Documents

You can manage files and folders in Documents in a similar way as in Google Drive or other web based file sharing applications. You can use buttons, context menus (by right-clicking on files or folders), and keyboard shortcuts. Context menus are the most effective way to manage your files. Context menus have dynamic content, based on the file types.

In Documents, you can:

  • Cut/Copy/Paste files and folders.

  • Use a predefined folder structure and also add your own folders and subfolders.

  • Upload, download, and delete files and folders.

  • Preview your label files, images, and PDF files.

  • Search by different file or folder properties.

  • Manage deleted files.


In NiceLabel Samples and Partner Samples sections, you can use only Copy to... option. You can't delete or cut files. You can copy all files and folders except the Samples' Root folder.

Right-click on items to access options. You can also use keyboard shortcuts.


At the top of the page, there are four main tabs:

  • All Files is the default and main page where you manage your files and folders.

  • NiceLabel Samples provides you with common label files. You can copy and modify the sample files.

  • Partner Samples provides you with label files that are used in your field of industry.

  • Recycle Bin contains your deleted files. You can restore or permanently delete your files.


  • New

    You can create folders or upload folders and files in the folder that is selected in a tree view.

  • Columns:


    Add or remove columns to modify your view.

  • Restore and Delete in Recycle Bin tab:


    When you remove your files or folders, they move to Recycle Bin tab, where you can restore or permanently delete them.

  • Card/grid view


    You can switch between viewing a list of files and folders or viewing thumbnails.

Using Context menus

By right-clicking your folders you get the additional options to:

  • Upload files and folders. (You can also upload your files or folders by dragging and dropping them into the pane next to the tree view.)

  • Cut, copy, and paste files and folders.

  • Remove files and folders. You can later restore removed folders in the Recycle Bin tab.

By right-clicking your files, you get the options to:

  • Rename your files.

  • Download files. You can download only one file at a time.

  • Copy, cut, and paste your files.

  • Remove your files. You can restore removed files in Recycle Bin tab.


When pasting files or folders with the same name, files or folders will not be replaced. You can enable the option to overwrite the existing files or folders.


By right-clicking your label files, you get the additional options to:

  • Edit your labels on your desktop Designer.

  • Print from Desktop. NiceLabel Print application opens where you can print labels.

  • Print your label files from Cloud Print Form.


NiceLabel V6 label files (.lbl) are not supported anymore. Control Center treats V6 label files as unknown formats. You can still open, edit, and print V6 label files in the latest desktop Designer.

Keyboard shortcuts in Documents

Keyboard shortcuts are mostly the same as in other Windows applications or Google Docs:



Select all

(Selects the first 50 items unless you scroll down to display more).








Move selection up

Move selection down

Add an upper item to the selection

Remove an upper item from the selection


Add a lower item to the selection

Remove a lower item from the selection


Deselect all items


Select a range of items

Drag mouse

Delete file or folder




Edit label